5 challenges to Digital Transformation in the Maritime sector

As we all know, digital transformation is key for every type of organization and industry. Every industry is trying to develop new business models and create profitable positions in the digital world.

Most companies started years ago, by adopting little changes in their digital technologies and processes, to be prepared for the bigger steps to digital transformation. It takes time and effort to get a company and industry ready for the next step.

In the shipping and maritime industry however, organizations started with a handicap because organisations are still dependent on the processes in the maritime supply-chain that in many cases are still traditionally implemented. This causes a delay in the digital transformation.

FutureNautics Maritime and Ericsson conducted an international survey (2017) in order to get more insights in the challenges the maritime sector is facing. Herewith the five biggest challenges to digital transformation:

  • The industry isn’t aware of how digital trends affect their business and the competiveness of organizations
  • There is not enough internal leadership for digital projects
  • Lack of senior management involvement or desire to change current practices
  • Companies are often insecure over security of digital operations, cyber security and resilience
  • No budgets for digital initiatives.

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