Customer Portal and App
at Seatrade

Willy Smit, Manager Operations Support Desk with Seatrade, tells us about the Customer Portal and the corresponding App, developed in cooperation with Ultimate Software.

Customers shipping perishable goods require that cargo make it to the final recipient as fast as possible. Every possibility is exploited to organise the logistic processes in such a way that the cargo spends less time en- route. One of these possibilities is the quick provision of quality information. Seatrade is well aware of this and is keen to pick up on new IT developments that can help their customers. Ultimate Software, whose extensive experience in applying innovative technologies for the maritime sector, has been Seatrade’s IT partner for years.

Customers want to be able to do more themselves in order to have greater control of fast moving logistics processes. For example, they want to be able to enter the information into the systems themselves that is needed to transport their cargo. They also want easy access to the information that will determine their subsequent actions. Every extra step in the process translates into extra work and wasted time.

Together with Ultimate Software Seatrade developed a customer portal and app to meet the customer needs.