Flex Maritime Logistics at Vollers

Christian Vollers, Director of Vollers Group GmbH, explains their challenges in maritime logistics and tells about their partnership with Ultimate Software for solutions. 

Vollers is a logistics service provider for traders and producers in e.g. coffee, cocoa and tea, operating internationally and located in 11 cities. Vollers delivers services for the complete chain from releasing sea containers to storage in their warehouses and commodity specific services like blending coffee or aromatizing tea. Vollers is known for their high-quality service and for their expertise both in logistics and in the goods themselves. Nowadays they take care for the organization of releasing containers, customs, terminal handling, transport, unloading, quality control, taking samples for traders, storage and transfer of goods stored to new owners. Vollers is unique in the combination of commodities expertise, having the right facilities and being a logistics service provider.