Flex Maritime Logistics at RMS

For this case study we spoke to Ria Watson (Project Manager) and Craig Hodgson (Group Commercial Director) of RMS Group about their experiences with Ultimate Software and their implementation of the FlexPort solution developed by Ultimate Software.

Before the interview, we flew over the Humber river with a BBC drone. More than 30 rivers flow into the Humber and the estuary drains more than 20% of England’s river water into the sea. It is UK’s busiest estuary and home to four major ports. RMS has a geographic advantage over its competitors, being able to operate in every major port on the Humber; they provide “one number for the Humber”. Millions of tonnes of steel, aluminium, paper, timber and other products are handled by RMS Group, providing customers with excellent services in shipping, stevedoring, storage warehousing and distribution. RMS is known for its good performance, delivery accuracy and flexibility.