3PL Provider

The maritime world has many sides. To keep control of the businesses, it is efficient to develop solutions for each specific industry, which cover all different aspects of the industry involved. You will admit that it is profitable, from an operational perspective, to integrate all your processes in one single system. And as a third-party logistics (3PL) provider, you will encounter other challenges than a terminal operator or a port authority.

At Ultimate Software, we built our solution from your perspective as a 3PL provider.

If you deliver services for storage in warehouses and possibly deliver commodity specific services like blending coffee or aromatizing tea, before transporting it to the commodity owners, you probably strive for high quality service and expertise both in logistics and in the goods themselves. For the great variety of activities like releasing containers, customs, terminal handling, transport, unloading, quality control, taking samples for traders, storage and transfer of goods stored to new owners, you will need a combination of commodities expertise, having the right facilities and being a logistics service provider. You might act like a bank for goods and your revenues might be mainly warehouse related and to a lesser extent transport related.

Your challenges?


  • You have to register (change of) ownership of the goods, taking into account bank financing?

  • You need software integrating transport, customs and warehousing, with invoicing as an integrated service as well?


  • You need better information to plan and register where and when to pick up or deliver the cargo?

  • You need a solution for truck planning; do you use your own or 3rdparty trucks?

  • You need a system to cover the automatic generation of correct invoices?

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The Answer

As a 3PL provider, you could integrate all operational and financial aspects of your maritime services in Flex Maritime Logistics, developed by Ultimate Software. In our integrated solution, we enlarged our service range from expertise in shipping and terminal related processes to transport and warehouse functionalities. All operations and financials integrated in one single system, from your perspective as a 3PL provider.