Client self-services

As Ultimate Software, we are your partner if you want to pick up on new IT developments to deliver client self-services. This could help your customers as they want to be able to do more themselves in order to have greater control of fast-moving logistic processes. When customers themselves can enter the information needed to transport their cargo, they are in control themselves instead of being dependent on you. Customers might also want easy access to information determining their subsequent actions as every extra step in the process, leads to extra work and waste of time.

Not all customers want to be more self-sufficient, but in some cases, it can even be a prerequisite for doing business! That is why we developed our Flex Mobility Framework.

To give some examples, customers might want:

  • To make a booking on a contract for a specific cargo, which is usually done through an agent;
  • To provide their own container shipping information in order to ship a container. The documentation number they get allows them to take care of the next steps immediately;
  • To know when to expect the containers at the port so that they then pick them up efficiently with lorries. A track & trace function gives them the exact location details at all times. It also supplies a good arrival time estimation of the ship at the discharge port.

The answer

If your customers or suppliers appreciate transparent, up-to-date information and self-service possibilities, make use of our ERP solutions, enabling you to provide transparency.