In general


It is all about integration. As Ultimate Software, we developed several competences in integrating maritime logistics.

Deal to cash management

It is not only relevant to ‘horizontally’ integrate the operational and financial aspects of your activities in one system. By ‘vertically’ integrating the financial process you are enabled to prognosticate on the future of your business. With ‘forecast – actual’ comparisons you learn how to act in new comparable situations.

Project finances

With the operational integrationyou are secured of correct data for costs and revenues, but if you want to maintain control of your company, how do you get insights from these data? We supply a flexible, detailed sub administration to gather the right insights for your business.

Client self-services

The general trend is that customers want to do more themselves in order to have greater control of fast-moving logistic processes. If your customers (or suppliers) appreciate transparent, up-to-date information and self-service possibilities, Ultimate Software is your partner to pick up on new IT developments.

Operational integration

Integrating the great variety of all maritime activities leads to a complete overview that enables your organisation to act on the right operational information, at any time. We integrate all data in one single system for excellent registration, efficient planning and proper invoicing.

Enterprise asset management (EAM)

The Flex solution designed to meet the requirements of every port and terminal by providing a personalized end-to-end solution. Our integrated EAM will also help with keeping costs down by partially automating the supply chain to ensure maintaining an optimal inventory of parts and materials.