Deal to cash management

It is not only relevant to ‘horizontally’ integrate the operational facts into finance, as cost & revenues within one system. By ‘vertically’ using the tariff and operational forecasts to calculate a deal which is negotiated to an active contract. This enables you to prognosticate on the financial situation of your business. With ‘forecast – actual’ comparisons you learn how to act in new comparable situations. Being able – with all parameters specific for the maritime industry – to accurately forecast future cash flows and look back with actuals, will give you a competitive advantage.

Liner operator

With Deal to Cash management, you can – based on the expected volumes within a rate agreement and a forecast of all costs for the ship, containers, fuel, etcetera – prognosticate your cash flows and profits per port call.

Port authority & Port agency

From a financial perspective, from customer contacts to deals or from sales opportunities to contracts, invoices and payments, you could gain profitable insights. For example, precise forecasts of your revenues and costs enable competitive pricing.

Terminal operator, 3PL Provider & Port operator

With ‘forecast – actual’ comparisons of the efficient usage of your scarce capacity, you are able to gain insights for future deployment of your capacity in people and material.


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The answer

If you want to know beforehand what you are starting and afterwards where you arrived, make use our ERP solutions, integrating the financial process with Deal to Cash Management.