Flex Maritime Logistics

An ERP solution developed for and by organizations in the maritime industry 

The shipping industry has companies focussing on a specific process while others operate over a very broad playing field. Is your company versatile in offering diverse services for the shipping industry? For example, does your firm operate as a port authority or port agency and as a stevedore or terminal? Does your company do the shipping itself and does it also provide transportation to or from the port? Does your company additionally provide logistic services for third-party cargo?

Flex Maritime Logistics for any maritime organization offering a wide range of services

If you offer multiple services, as i.e. a port operator or 3PL provider, and if you are looking for an integrated solution to manage the resulting processes, then our product Flex Maritime Logistics might be of your interest. With Flex Maritime Logistics we enable you to integrate all operational and financial processes smoothly. As unique selling point we are able to register multiple unit-, weight dimensions and references on commodities. Flex Maritime Logistics is a complete ERP solution, which has already made its mark in the shipping industry. It is future-proof, based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 and it is available both in the cloud and on-premise.

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Flex Maritime Logistics proces

The answer

Flex Maritime Logistics is the answer to your challenges when you have a broad focus in the maritime playing field. In this situation a good integration of all processes involved is even more difficult than when you have a very specific focus. Optimize your maritime activities with Flex Maritime Logistics of Ultimate Software!