Flex Mobility Framework

Our ERP solutions cover the backbone of the maritime industry. These solutions are custom-made for all possible perspectives, whether you are a liner, a port authority, a port agency, a terminal operator, a 3PL provider or a port operator offering multiple services in the supply chain. The integration in these ERP solutions of all your operational and financial processes, provides strength to your business.

Provide interactivity and transparency to customers

Nowadays customers prefer easy access to information as every extra step in the process leads to extra work and a waste of time. Therefore, customers prefer more and more to be in control themselves instead of being dependent on you. Besides the ERP solutions that we developed, we made use of the newest tools to build our Flex Mobility Framework.

In our Flex Mobility Framework, we built – from your customers’ perspective – all kind of functionalities to collaborate on data of your ERP solution. In this framework, we made links to your backbone and made all information easily accessible to customers, workers, suppliers or other external parties. As we know the ins and outs of the maritime industry, we know how to access the data your customers are looking for. At any time, they can use the customer portal for track and trace information, document downloads, inventory checks, et cetera. They do not have to wait for people in your organisation to provide the information they need.

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The answer

Our Flex Mobility Framework is the answer to your challenges when your customers or suppliers appreciate transparent, up-to-date information and self-service possibilities. Your interactivity with them, based on the right, well-integrated information, enables you to provide transparency. Ask for the Flex Mobility Framework of Ultimate Software!