In general


In any maritime industry, it is challenging to cover all operational and financial aspects of your services in Excel spreadsheets or even in a standard ERP solution. Those solutions need to be able to handle all the different parameters of the maritime supply chain processes. And on top of that, for your specific role within the maritime supply chain industry.

Ultimate Maritime Logistics supports the entire supply chain and fully translates it to your business.

To be able to develop a personalized maritime ERP solution, it is important to have a complete picture of the entire supply chain process. This knowledge ensures correct and fully detailed operational information at any moment and at any point in the process. Underlying processes don’t have to be visible for the end-user, but they are important for the appropriate settlements and accountability. All these components in the systems need to be differentiated to maintain control. Combining the automation of multiple activities is not that easy, but the ERP solutions of Ultimate Maritime Logistics already made their mark in the shipping industry.

Integration in one single system

You will probably admit that it is profitable, from an operational perspective, to integrate all processes in one single system. It prevents an organization from duplicate data entry, this reduces the error rate. Having a complete overview of operational activities and finances enables an organization to act on the right information, at any time.

However, it is not only relevant to horizontally integrate these great varieties of activities in one system. By Vertically integrating the financial processes as well, an organization is enabled to predict the future of their business. Being able – with all parameters specific to the maritime industry – to accurately forecast future cash flows and look back with actuals will give you a competitive advantage.

Information from the source

Your next challenge might be getting the correct and complete information you need on time. To achieve this, you are dependent on the willingness and capability of people within your own organization and third parties. Only then will you have the information to make sure you are using your resources efficiently and profitably. Therefore, in our solutions, we are encouraging chain integration and the continuous improvement of the quality and timely availability of information.

The Answer

Ultimate Maritime Logistics ERP solutions have been built for the maritime industry and by the maritime industry. All operations and financials integrated into one single system.

From your perspective, we built and parameterized our solutions for your specific industry within the maritime sector. In this way, we developed ERP solutions for the entire maritime industry. Our ERP solutions are now available for: liners, port authorities, port operators, terminal operators,  3PL providers and port agencies.