Operational integration

Integrating – in one single system – the great variety of all maritime activities leads to a complete overview that enables your organisation to act on the right operational information, at any time. Together with the maritime industry, we developed ERP solutions (FlexPort, FlexShip and Flex Maritime Logistics) to accomplish this integration.

Modern tools make the system very accessible for everyone. The ease of use promotes the willingness of third parties and of people in your own organisation to participate. Therefore, data entry can be done at the source as much as possible. The risk of errors will be substantial lower than if data entry has to be done twice or even more often. So, chain integration is easy to implement and improves the quality and timely availability of information. Besides that, integration of activities which you choose not to include in our ERP solution but in a best of breed solution, has been arranged as well.

We continuously use the latest technology and we always keep an eye on new developments. Therefore, our ERP solutions provide a complete, excellent registration of your operations, efficient planning of your activities and proper invoicing.


    It is important to have a complete picture of the authentic shipping process. Correct and fully detailed operational information at any time and at any point in the process is crucial for decision making. Underlying processes don’t have to be visible for the end user, but they are important for the appropriate settlements and accountability. The distinctive components need to be differentiated in the system to maintain control. As Ultimate Software, we know the entire process and fully translate it for excellent registration of all operations.

  • Efficient planning of activities

    Excellent registration of operations is needed for an efficient and flexible planning of activities. Integration in one single system prevents your organization from duplicate data entry and also from a higher error rate. This leads to better decision information for planning purposes. Also, information that is properly incorporated into the system will eventually reduce the amount of work that has to be done.

  • Proper invoicing

     The integration of operational activities and finances automatically leads to proper invoices. The parameter values in the system are determined by complete and error-free information from the source as much as possible. If all activities are integrated in one single system, calculations can be made automatically. Our ERP solutions include all parameters used in the maritime industry.

Liner operator

As a liner operator you team up with many external parties to get a freight from A to B. Everything resolves around data. You wish to receive all data correctly and on-time, from agents, customs, terminals, depots, harbour service providers, and so on. With FlexShip, we also deliver reporting and integration tools convenient for the purposes of your external parties. This enhances their willingness to provide the right data timely. So, data entry is done at the source as much as possible, for all different parameter values that you need.

It requires some discipline to maintain all the relevant data and take care of your revenues control and costs control. FlexShip can do this for you. Bookings can only be made when there is a rate agreement. Ship-, call- or cargo-related costs are all entered in the system. Indirect costs are attributed using algorithms. So, when receiving disbursement accounts, you will always know what costs to expect. Payments are made after a data check only. FlexShip will also take care of the right documentation and provide insights for your equipment control for example.

Port authority & Port agency

For good contract management and to maintain control, all distinctive components underlying your operational processes are differentiated in the system as parameters. The parameter values in FlexPort are determined by complete and error-free information that’s connected to the source as much as possible. For example, with apps on a smartphone, a pilot waiting for the next ship provides important real time insights by entering the actual times. The system provides operational information to third parties as well, which enhances the willingness of external participation.

With the data collected the necessary calculations are made to determine and charge port fees, cargo fees, fees for services provided and for leases. The integration between operations and financials leads to proper invoices automatically. How else is the work being reduced? The fact that cargo-specific safety instructions and handling techniques are automatically provided is a good example. Another is that a ship or cargo is released only when specific conditions are met.

Terminal operator, 3PL Provider & Port operator

The more versatile your services are, the more you benefit from having the complete logistic process covered in one single ERP solution. FlexMaritimeLogistics covers both the water and land aspects of your operations: registration and planning of a vessel call, loading and unloading of cargo, registration of containers as well as (break) bulk, storage and subsequent land transport. This includes the planning and registration of people as well as material resources. And in contrast to other ERP solutions for inventories owned by you, our system also covers processes relating to the inventories of third parties (3rd party logistics). All parameters used in the maritime industry are available in the system. Calculations are made automatically based on the right parameter values, whether it regards operations of a port, ship or other means of transport, cargo handling or other services.


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