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The maritime supply chain incorporates diverse industries – each industry and its unique character. But not less important – each company and its way of work. Our FlexPort solution is a flexible way of thinking, we will adjust our solution perfectly to your wishes.

At Ultimate Maritime Logistics, we built our solution from your perspective as a port operator.

As a port operator, handling multiple services from terminal activities to transport or even process the goods, you must have experienced that it is quite a job to cover all operational and financial aspects of the services you offer.

When you do shipment registration, loading and unloading, transport by land, inventory management, packing or other 3rd party cargo services, or when you apply customs regulations and agreements with financial institutions, it could all be integrated in our ERP solution.

Do you recognize any of these challenges?

  • Do you want to minimize the time ships spend in the harbor and for that would you like to use real-time information on container movements?
  • Are you lacking information to assess whether your use of scarce capacity has been efficient?
  • When starting new operations, do you want to know what to expect and afterwards do you want to know whether your expectations were met?
Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) for ports in D365:

Port operators aim to keep their assets in optimal condition. This is a key factor in achieving a maximum performance result.
Port specific implementations have made it difficult to compare performances between different ports in the past. Therefore, the inconsistent information available from ports made it problematic to increase efficiency and to implement techniques such as total productive maintenance.
To face this challenge, port operators wish to ensure that their materials and components for building, maintaining, or repairing assets are managed in a way that guarantees maximum results.
In order to accomplish that, they require a well-designed IT solution that will help to ensure that high-value assets operate the way they are meant to. Enterprise asset management can minimize both risks and costs and optimizes business value.
Although the basic demands of the port can be handled by an off-the-shelf EAM solution, to obtain optimal results it needs to be integrated into other port domains such as FlexPort to achieve full operational efficiency.

When integrating Ultimate Maritime Logistics EAM with our FlexPort ERP solution, you will discover more data insight into how asset management impacts your financials. You will be able to keep your trust in the company that knows you the best. This will assist in scheduling, planning, and executing work, while the financial costs, depreciations, and capitalizations are handled within your existing ERP.

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The Answer

As a port operator, you could integrate all operational and financial aspects of your maritime services in Flex Maritime Logistics, developed by Ultimate Maritime Logistics All operations and financials integrated in one single system, from your perspective as a port operator. Our EAM helps you keep your costs down by automating the supply chain to facilitate maintaining an up-to-date inventory of parts and materials.