Port Operator

The maritime world has many sides. To keep control of the businesses, it is efficient to develop solutions for each specific industry, which cover all different aspects of the industry involved. And as a port operator, you might offer a wide variety of services, which you all want to integrate in one single system.

At Ultimate Software, we built our solution from your perspective as a port operator.

As a port operator, handling multiple services from terminal activities to transport or even processing the goods, you will have experienced that it is quite a job to cover all operational and financial aspects of your services offered.

When you do shipment registration, loading and unloading, transport by land, inventory management, packing or other 3rdparty cargo services, applying customs regulations and agreements with financial institutions, it could all be integrated in our ERP solution.

Your challenges?

  • You want to minimize the time ships spend in the harbor and for that you could use real-time information on container movements?

  • You are lacking information to assess whether your use of scarce capacity has been efficient?

  • When starting new operations, you want to know what to expect and afterwards you want to know whether your expectations were met?

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The Answer

As a port operator, you could integrate all operational and financial aspects of your maritime services in Flex Maritime Logistics, developed by Ultimate Software All operations and financials integrated in one single system, from your perspective as a port operator.