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Ultimate Maritime Logistics built ERP solutions for maritime organizations to stay in control in a rather complicated market. We automated your processes to provide a complete overview and to enable you to act – at any time – on the right information. It is our strength to use our technological and maritime expertise to automate those complexities in your processes for which no standard ERP solutions exist.

We developed integrated ERP solutions for each specific industry in the maritime sector, from its own perspective. The basis of all our products is identical, the different perspectives distinguish them from each other. As several maritime processes in different industries show similarities, several modules have been integrated in different products.

FlexPort, FlexShip, Flex Maritime Logistics, Flex Mobility Framework. What is in a name? Historically, there was a strong link between our product names, FlexPort and FlexShip, and the operational processes they covered, from the perspective of either ports or shipping companies. As time went on, we enriched our products for more and more maritime processes and our solutions became widely applicable in all kind of maritime industries. The more versatile your business is in offering diverse services, the more functionalities we call ‘maritime logistics’, you will use. In this way, Flex Maritime Logistics became the umbrella term for our ERP solutions. Finally, our newest Flex Mobility Framework is available to give your customers and other external parties easy access to information.

All our products contain all functionality available, you can choose the features you need; in any way, we offer great value for money. Please, contact us if you are interested how our solutions could help you to stay in control.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Our solutions are based on Microsoft Dynamics 365. This platform is the ideal foundation which enables us to develop excellent products. It is an open platform in which we can implement your specific modifications. The latest techniques and service updates are always available to you.

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