Project finances

What do you earn with your activities? In the end that’s the question. To answer this question, it is always important that you – at any time – know the correct costs and revenues. With the operational integration, you are secured of correct data for costs and revenues, but if you want to maintain control of your company, how do you get insights from these data?

In our ERP solutions, we built a sub administration which enables you to analyse your financials in an easy and flexible way. There is no need to collect all information in the ledger itself, which is rather time-consuming. For each transaction in your ledger, the audit trail leads back to the operational process causing that revenue or cost. In the sub administration, these primary events ultimately leading to a transaction, are registered and detailed per project. Whereas the ledger is a mixture of all kinds of transactions.

As a financial view on the business is often preferred, a financial sub administration detailing the situation in the actual ledger, is recommended. The sub administration easily provides the actual financial situation per project. A project might be a trip, a port call or a customer; projects can be defined according to your need for insights.

Liner operator

The sub administration enables you to calculate the contribution for a container. In general, by filtering the sub administration on a vessel, a type of cargo or a trip, you can easily report what has been earned with that vessel, trip, type of cargo, et cetera.

Port authority & Port agency

If you want to know the total costs and revenues for e.g. a specific port call, you can easily filter on that port call in the sub administration. As there is a direct link with the ledger, the information in the sub administration can be used to inform others about your financial situation as well.

Terminal operator, 3PL Provider & Port operator

As a project can be defined for all types of entities, you could use the sub administration to get the insights you need. For example, you can filter on a specific type of service to know whether you sold that service profitably.


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The answer

If you want to get the right insights from your costs and revenues, to maintain control of your company, make use of our ERP solutions, supplying a flexible, detailed sub administration with Project finances.