Who We Are

21 years ago Ultimate Software was the first official Microsoft business-software partner in the Netherlands.

For more than 15 years Ultimate Software has been developing and delivering tailored Microsoft solutions for the maritime industry.

As a result, our Maritime Logistics ERP solution speaks the modern language of Finance and Operations (F&O) fluently.

Ultimate Maritime Logistics is a powerful business management software designed specifically to keep your business dynamic, agile and profitable, by enhancing the world class Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&O platform.

Ultimate Maritime Logistics is seamlessly integrated to connect and improve all the areas of your maritime processes using one single platform, whether it’s finance or operations related.

Dirk Sijtsma & Arne Deenekamp – CEOs

Why choose Ultimate Maritime Logistics?

The maritime industry has a large variety of activities that need to be planned and registered – activities carried out under your own management or by third parties. You may find that it is a challenge to get the logistic as well as the operational and financial processes under control. Do you recognise any of the following? 

  • You would like to map out operations first-hand as quickly and as in depth as possible, but you are dependent on the willingness and capability of people within your own organization and third parties to do this.

  • You make contract agreements based on many different parameters, which are specific to the shipping industry and which cannot be entered in standard systems, thereby leaving you unable to perform automatic calculations.

  • You find it complicated to enter the different kinds of cargo into your system because each cargo type has its own handling and storage procedures, which as a result produce specific parameters for billing purposes.
  • You want to manage costs, but you can’t compute all costs globally because it is difficult to consolidate information from different systems.
  • It is difficult to look back and estimate the extent to which you have efficiently used your sparse human and material resources and the extent to which you have profitably sold your services.

Creative solutions to specific issues


In the maritime sector processes are complicated because of their wide variety, the large number of parties involved and the many communications streams.

Ultimate Software helps your maritime organization to stay in control.

We, at Ultimate Software, believe that Flex Maritime Logistics make sense where IT and maritime logistics are balancing together.


Ultimate Software seamlessly automate your processes, so you will have a complete view of all your finance and operational activities.

We use our technological and maritime expertise to automate those complexities in your processes for which no standard ‘all in one’ solution exist.

Our constant focus on people, processes and technology is a key differentiator that drives our maritime logistics success.


We developed solutions specific for the maritime sector, based on their own perspective.

‘Horizontally’ integrated to cover the whole operational width and ‘Vertically’ integrated to cover the financial process as well as being able to forecast future cash flows.

Core Values