Terminal Operator

The maritime world has many sides. To keep control of the businesses, it is efficient to develop solutions for each specific industry, which cover all different aspects of the industry involved. You will admit that it is profitable, from an operational perspective, to integrate all your processes in one single system. And as a terminal operator, you will encounter other challenges than a liner or a port authority.

At Ultimate Software, we built our solution from your perspective as a terminal operator.

Your challenges?

Stevedoring and other terminal activities

  • You make contract agreements based on many different parameters which cannot be entered in standard systems, leaving you unable to perform automatic calculations?

  • You have difficulties to register the several cargo types – each with their own handling techniques, storage and thus specific parameters for invoicing?

  • You need to think about providing the correct safety instructions for a certain cargo or handling techniques all the time?

  • To know your capacity at any moment you lack an exact registration of the use and reservation of scarce resources?

  • Afterwards it’s very difficult for you to assess how much of your scarce capacity has been used efficiently and to what extent you’ve sold your services profitably?

  • You wantto plan, register and generate correct invoices in a controlled manner with single data entry for all specific parameters?

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The Answer

As a terminal operator, you could integrate all operational and financial aspects of your terminal activities in FlexPort, developed by Ultimate Software.  All operations and financials integrated in one single system, from your perspective as a terminal operator.